West Sedona Designated Dispersed Camping & Day-use


These designated dispersed camping areas provide eight main areas for dispersed camping that accommodate up to an estimated 200 campsites in total.

This system will protect natural resources, keeps the landscape being dotted by the creation of dispersed campsites, and still provides many places for visitors to camp and enjoy the beauty of west Sedona.

Dispersed camping in these designated areas will remain free and are on a first-come, first-served basis that allows up to 14 days of camping. Dispersed camping in west Sedona outside of these eight designated sites is prohibited. For more information on how this area was designated, the public scoping process, and the Decision Memo, please visit the West Sedona Designated Dispersed Camping and Day-use Area project page.

The USDA Forest Service seeks to improve current conditions in a popular dispersed camping area on the Coconino National Forest’s Red Rock Ranger District while protecting resources, public health, and safety. The area near Forest Roads 525, 89B, and 9570 has suffered from irresponsible campsite creation; increased littering; inappropriate sanitation; and natural resource damage. The project’s purpose is to (1) delineate already designated areas for day-use parking and dispersed overnight camping and (2) to execute an emergency closure order outside of these areas to dispersed camping and campfires to address the negative impacts to wildlife, rangeland, public health, and safety while minimizing soil disturbance and vegetation loss.

Read the decision memo.