The city of Sedona is nestled in a geological wonderland. Like its big sister, the Grand Canyon, Sedona Arizona is a slice of geologic history on display. Its scenic beauty you can reach out and touch attracts over four million visitors from around the world every year.

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I know people love living here, but Sedona should be a National Park

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Surrounded by almost two million acres of national forest, visitors have instant access to outdoor recreation and a list of activities to rival any National Park. There are literally hundreds of trails for hiking and biking, along with jeep tracks for all levels of exploration. Visitors wander through a high-desert forest of towering sandstone pinnacles, spires, buttes, and domes. Best of all, amid nature’s wonder, you’re never far from the little indulgences of civilization.

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We are more than red rocks and hiking trails. Besides the host of outdoor activities that surround you, Sedona is also a notable center for Arts and Wellness. For decades Sedona has been growing as an art destination, adding distinguished galleries, renowned artists, film festivals, and elevating the arts as a cornerstone of local culture, and our wellness practitioners offer modalities to help heal and restore.

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